The Protection of the Rights of Migrants at the External Borders of the EU

by François Crépeau
13 June, 2015

I’ll be presenting Monday my report to the Human Rights Council: it bears on the protection of the rights of migrants at the external borders of the EU and is a follow-up of my report of 2013.

Maintaining the status quo is unsustainable as the human and resource costs associated with it are huge. Migrants lose their lives or if they survive they experience inexplicable suffering, exploitation and the violation of a series of rights. Furthermore, significant resources are lost through member states investing into an ineffective system that overwhelmingly focuses on securitisation and not maximising the opportunities offered by migration at a time of significant demographic, economic and social challenges in the EU.

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The Inception of a Global Migration Governance Framework

Conference by the Cambridge Migration Society
5 June, 2015

Francois Crepeau, hosted by the Gates Foundation, spoke on ‘The Inception of a Global Migration Governance Framework’, Friday 5th June, 2015, organised by doctoral researchers Fabrice Longronget, Olimpia Squillaci and Andrea Binder.


Managing Humanitarian Protection: Refugee Resettlement and Other Global Solutions

Panel discussion at Middlesex University, London
3 June, 2015

A panel discussion with:

Professor François Crépeau, UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants

Martin Baldwin-Edwards, Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Middlesex University

Professor Alexander Betts, Director, Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford

Dr. Jean-Pierre Gauci, Director People for Change Foundation Malta

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  François Crépeau at the London Conference on June 2, 2015.

Policy-Making in a Fragmented World

François Crépeau at the London Conference 2015
1 June, 2015

François Crépeau was a panelist at the London Conference 2015 of the Chatham House. Alongside Professor Simon Anholt, Margaret MacMillan and Dr Shashi Tharoor, he discussed the impact of globalization on sovereign states. Are sovereign states still fit for purpose as the basic building blocks of international order? Can regional organizations or other supranational bodies provide a real alternative to, or attain the same legitimacy as, the familiar state model?

You can watch the full session and François Crépeau’s presentation (starting at 20:25) below:

For more information about this conference, please visit: Chatham House – The Royal Institute of International Affairs.