La file d'attente pour le renouvellement des permis de séjour devant la préfecture de Lyon, le 16 février 2015. Crédit photo JEFF PACHOUD / AFP

Défenseur des droits report finds discrimination toward foreigners in France

28 May, 2016

An article in Le Monde reports that Le Défenseur des droits in France, in its last report, finds that foreigners, particularly refugees, are vulnerable to systemic discrimination in accessing their rights. The report is particularly relevant since it shows us that national human rights institutions and ombudspersons can document migrants’ rights violations. Their thorough investigations, detailed reporting and authoritative analysis add considerably to our common knowledge base and participate in changing the perceptions towards migrants.

For the report and its executive summary of Le Défenseur des droits (available in French only), please click here.

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