OPT v. Presteve Foods Ltd

A comment on the recent decision by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario
27 May, 2015

This decision is an indictment of a government-designed legal framework that creates a status of precariousness for migrants and fosters impunity for abusive employers. This decision also underscores the importance of access to justice for migrants, as they have no access to the political stage and are under constant threat of being detected, detained and deported. It is great to see the unions getting into gear in favour of migrant workers. Let’s hope that policy makers will do the hard thinking requested after such a decision, and will not simply try to further block access by migrants to such independent review mechanisms.

For more information about the decision, read the article “Landmark human rights ruling highlights systemic abuse of temporary foreign workers” which appeared on the CNW a PR Newswire Company website on May 27, or read the full decision on CanLII.

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