A cruel and unusual border policy

Separating migrant families is un-American and bound to fail
1 June, 2018

Published by The Economist.

“FAMILY values do not stop at the Rio Grande,” said George W. Bush. But that may depend on which bank of the river you have in mind. Even by the standards of President Donald Trump’s administration, the way America has begun separating migrant children from their parents is horrific. The policy, part of an effort by the attorney-general Jeff Sessions to curb a seasonal rise in illegal immigration, is repugnant and self-defeating. It is a disgrace to America and should be stopped.

The Obama and Bush administrations both increased deportations of illegal migrants, yet avoided separating migrant families. Mr Trump’s, by contrast, appears to view its right to deprive migrant parents of their children, when pitching them into the criminal-justice system, as a useful deterrent against future immigration. There are reports of migrants having been deported while their children remain in the United States’ foster-care system. Some were not told where their children are or whether they would see them again—and they may not.


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