Small rescue boat carrying over 70 people that washed ashore
  Rescue boat carrying over 70 people that washed ashore to the Greek coast. BBC News, excerpt from the whole story.

Buried without a name – The untold story of Europe’s drowned migrants

Story by Vladimir Hernandez and Nassos Stylianou, BBC News
10 May, 2016

A moving piece on all those men, women and children who lost their lives trying to make it to Europe, and to a better life:

“More than 1,250 unnamed men, women and children have been buried in unmarked graves in 70 sites in Turkey, Greece and Italy since 2014, a BBC investigation has found. The majority died trying to cross the Mediterranean to seek a new life in Europe.

Over the past two years an estimated 8,000 people have lost their lives trying to cross into the EU, according to figures from the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Most are lost at sea, but many bodies have been washed ashore, bringing tragedy to the beaches of Greece, Italy and Turkey.

But who cares for these dead? Where are they buried? And how can desperate relatives many miles away discover if their missing loved ones are among the drowned?”

To read the whole story on BBC News, click here.

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