Picture showing different patients sitting down and waiting in a clinic
  Patients in the waiting room of a clinic in Los Angeles that serves a large number of undocumented immigrants. Photo Credit Monica Almeida/The New York Times

California’s Nifty Idea on Immigrant Health Care

Article in the NY Times
17 September, 2016

“The [The Affordable Care Act] bars undocumented immigrants from purchasing policies on the federal and state health insurance marketplaces with or without tax subsidies. California officials say they will seek a waiver from the federal government under a provision of the law that allows states to experiment with different approaches. About 30 percent of California’s two million undocumented adults could be eligible, and state lawmakers estimated that 17,000 people would sign up for coverage in the first year if the Obama administration granted the waiver. Administration officials say they will consider the request.”

A great example of a firewall between public services and immigration enforcement. This will allow migrants to enforce their right to health and to contribute their fair share to the healthcare system, without fear of being detected, detained and deported. It will be a boon for the public health strategy as it will allow for a much better coverage of preventative care, including early detection and treatment of many illnesses. In particular, health care services for all children and pregnant women will be greatly improved. Only anti-immigration zealots would blindly oppose this kind of common sense reform

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