Canada’s minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship, Ahmed Hussen, center, spoke with guests at a Sikh food bank event on June 16 in Brampton, Ontario. Photo Credit: Cole Burston for The New York Times

Canada’s Secret to Resisting the West’s Populist Wave

Article in The New York Times
27 June, 2017

Increasing diversity and mobility is part of the present and future of all our societies. Those who embrace and celebrate them will fare better than those that will try resisting them.

“Canada’s politics remain stable. Its centrist liberal establishment is popular. Not only have the politics of white backlash failed, but immigration and racial diversity are sources of national pride. And when anti-establishment outsiders have run the populist playbook, they have found defeat.

Outsiders might assume this is because Canada is simply more liberal, but they would be wrong. Rather, Canada has resisted the populist wave through a set of strategic decisions, powerful institutional incentives, strong minority coalitions and idiosyncratic circumstances.

While there is no magic answer to populism, Canada’s experience offers unexpected lessons for other nations.”

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