Hala Soubra Itani

4 October, 2016

Maître de conferences at the Institute for Political Science at St Joseph University in Beirut (more than 10 years)

Research and teaching interest: International Organizations, Globalization, Governance, Migration and Human Rights.

Expert in International Organizations

Parliament and United Nations simulation experience.

Educational and Cultural Projects implementation experience.

Expert in Women rights especially in the Arab World.



Filippo Furri

10 August, 2016
Filippo Furri is a PhD candidate in Anthropology at the University of Montreal: his research are dedicated to the notion of city of asylum, focusing on the politics and the practices of hospitality towards asylum seekers in Italy and particulary in the city of Venice. From some years now his work is oriented to process of integration and marginalization, borders policies and rights of migrants. As a member of euro-african network Migreurop is interested in the evolution of the military-humanitarian apparatus: he is a co-author of several report of the network. He is also a co-editor of Charter of Lampedusa. 


Filippo Furri is an associated researcher for the Roads of Bones and Ashes project.


Donald Boucher

10 August, 2016

Donald Boucher is a social worker and a psychotherapist clinician for asylum seekers who were victims of organized violence.

“When I was sixteen, my sister asked me to accompagny her to visit her friend who was hospitalized on a psyhiatric ward.  There, I discovered kids who were struck by a humanity from which they felt excluded.  This encounter, with these “others”, lead me to myself.  Broken, I questioned this suffering to discover an obscur from within and thus psychoanalysis.  Behind this obscur, was unveiled a humanity in all it’s shades, as I embarked on a training program in psychology, social services and psychoanalysis, which now allows me to exercise the professions of social worker and psychotherapist. Today, I am again struck by this humanity, this time as a member of a collective whom I can no longer considered as “them”.  I am a member; “we are!”.”

Donald is an associated researcher for the Roads of Bones and Ashes project.