Slavery Old and New: Labour Exploitation Through the Ages and Around the Globe

Seminar Series

This joint research initiative, a collaboration between institutes at York and McGill Universities, examines the legal conceptualization of labour exploitation. Through an interdisciplinary, transnational and historical methodology, it draws on a variety of disciplines, spaces in time, and places around the world, to explore law’s understanding of “labour exploitation” and its relationship to society and practices.

For the 2014-15 academic year, the series is co-presented by three organizations: York University’s Harriet Tubman Institute, and the McGill University Faculty of Law’s Institute of Comparative Law, Oppenheimer Chair in Public International Law. A fourth organization Labour Law and Development Research Laboratory will join for the fourth installment in this year’s series.

Labour Migration, Development & Human Rights

Seminar Series

This lecture series aims to provide a platform for emerging and established scholars to share their research and perspectives on issues relevant to labour migration, development and human rights. The lecture series will cover a wide range of topics, and approach the subjects from a diverse body of theoretical and disciplinary frameworks. This project further aims to provide a space in which a wide variety of individuals whose work interacts with these themes can come together in conversation about the ideas and approaches emerging in respect of labour migration, development and human rights.