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Contemporary Migration Theories as Reflected in their Founding Texts

Victor Piché
1 January, 2013

Population, Vol 68, No. 1, 141-164

The issue of migration has spawned abundant research and prompted wide-ranging theoretical debate. A selection of papers, articles and book chapters spanning several decades, many of which were first written in English, have been translated into French and brought together in a book published by INED as part of a new series devoted to the founding texts of demographic theory. These texts were chosen for their original contributions to the discipline. They represent landmarks of demographic thought, and provide new insights for analysing and understanding demographic processes. The inaugural volume of this series was edited by Victor Piché. In an introductory chapter, of which this article is an abridged and slightly revised version, he places these founding texts in their historical perspective. He highlights the diversity of approaches applied to understanding migration: countries of origin or destination; micro, meso and macro levels; individual behaviours, networks, migration policies. He also shows how these theories have evolved to take account of changing local and international migration dynamics.

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