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Current Geographies of Haitian Migration

Article in artseverywhere
30 August, 2017

A very interesting article on the Haitian migration, seen from a Brazilian perspective. Many thanks to Raoul.

“An almost uncountable number of Haitian migrants are in transit throughout Latin America at this very moment. From the warm Caribbean waters to the steepest mountains of the Andes, from the tropical forests to the arid Mexican deserts, Haitian migrants are everywhere. Overcoming the limit of what human beings can handle, every day they draw another geography: a geography of possibility…

In the Latin American context, one inspiring response to this complex social issue is the Housing movement in São Paulo, specifically from one building known as the Cambridge Hotel Occupation. Since 2015 the occupation has opened their doors to migrants, after a proposal made by Carmen Silva, leader of the Downtown Roofless Movement (MSTC). According to her: “We are all refugees from public policies; why not open our doors to foreigners to strengthen our forces?” This belief in micropolitics, in which different struggles can come together and reinforce one another in a more and more exclusionary world, is where we should keep our hopes.”

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