‘Distasteful alliances’: The secret story of Canada’s fight against migrants

Professor Crepeau quoted extensively in article
21 May, 2019

‘Distasteful alliances’: The secret story of Canada’s fight against migrants

Canada’s anti-human smuggling mission led to some unlikely, and alarming, partnerships abroad

Following the arrival of the MV Sun Sea to British Columbia in 2010, Stephen Harper’s Conservative government launched Canada’s Migrant Smuggling Prevention Strategy, an initiative upheld by the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau. (Radio-Canada)

In 2009 and 2010, two boats carrying hundreds of Tamil asylum seekers from Sri Lanka — the Ocean Lady and the MV Sun Sea — reached Canadian shores. Prime Minister Stephen Harper vowed to do everything in his power to prevent the arrival of other ships carrying what he called “illegal” migrants.

This Migrant Smuggling Prevention Strategy Harper created was maintained under Justin Trudeau’s government, which now dedicates nearly $18 million a year to it — more than was spent annually while the Conservatives were in power. Federal employees agreed to talk to Radio-Canada to shine a spotlight on some of the most secret aspects of the operation Canada has been undertaking abroad for years.

Robert [not his real name] closely followed the wide-ranging operation launched by the Harper government to prevent boats carrying migrants from making it to Canada. In an exclusive interview with Radio-Canada, the former federal employee said it offended his core values when he learned that Canada was working hand-in-glove with a colonel charged with atrocious crimes in the West African nation Guinea. — Read more

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