Donald Boucher

10 August, 2016

Donald Boucher is a social worker and a psychotherapist clinician for asylum seekers who were victims of organized violence.

“When I was sixteen, my sister asked me to accompagny her to visit her friend who was hospitalized on a psyhiatric ward.  There, I discovered kids who were struck by a humanity from which they felt excluded.  This encounter, with these “others”, lead me to myself.  Broken, I questioned this suffering to discover an obscur from within and thus psychoanalysis.  Behind this obscur, was unveiled a humanity in all it’s shades, as I embarked on a training program in psychology, social services and psychoanalysis, which now allows me to exercise the professions of social worker and psychotherapist. Today, I am again struck by this humanity, this time as a member of a collective whom I can no longer considered as “them”.  I am a member; “we are!”.”

Donald is an associated researcher for the Roads of Bones and Ashes project.

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