Three school girls shown walking.
  If there is pressure on school places, that is because for the first time in a decade the government has cut spending per pupil. Photo Credit : UK Stock Images Ltd/Alamy

Don’t help the state bully migrants – boycott the school census

Article in The Guardian
1 December, 2016

“Today brought confirmation of what we at the Against Borders for Children campaign have suspected for months: the government is trying to make schools part of its agenda to create a “hostile environment” for migrants accused of entering the country illegally.

The BBC revealed that Theresa May, as home secretary in 2015, had planned to use the last immigration bill to introduce a requirement on schools to check children’s immigration status, and to shunt the children of the migrants to the back of the queue for school places. The then education secretary, Nicky Morgan, intervened to block the proposals.”

Exactly what not to do. Totally counterproductive. Pushing migrants underground is the best way to entrench exploitation by recruiters, smugglers, landlords and employers. It will increase undocumented migration and human rights violations, instead of reducing them. Most importantly, this measure is a flagrant violation of all children’s right to education, regardless of status. All wrong policy choices for populist motives.

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