Photos of Afghan representatives sitting and talking during the Brussels meeting
  On 2 October 2016, the Ministers of Finance, Refugees and Foreign Affairs briefed the parliament on the Brussels conference and the readmission agreement with the EU. Photo credit: Afghanistan Analysts Network

EU and Afghanistan Get Deal on Migrants: Disagreements, pressure and last minute politics

Article on the Afghanistan Analysts Network's website
8 October, 2016

“At a major conference in Brussels this week, foreign governments agreed to provide Afghanistan with $3.75 billion in aid over the next four years – but not without some strings attached. The EU unveiled its migration agreement with Afghanistan, which effectively made aid contingent upon the return of Afghans who have fled war and economic ruin and made it to Europe but had their asylum applications denied. Unsurprisingly, the deal was not a popular one in Afghan political circles. In this article, the Afghanistan Analysts Network’s Jelena Bjelica explains what the agreement actually says, and gives us the inside view on the last-minute politicking in Kabul that made it possible.”

Another mistaken avenue. Once again, results will be “disappointing”, in that, despite enormous costs, not many Afghanis will effectively be repatriated. Such a waste of money, energy, goodwill and political capital, which could be productively employed for integration programmes and mechanisms. So many lives being messed up.

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