William Stocks sitting at a table, teaching English to two Syrian refugees
  A family of refugees receiving an English lesson from William Stocks, 23, in Marietta, Ga. “My job is to serve these people,” Mr. Stocks said, “because they need to be served.” Photo credit: Dustin Chambers for The New York Times

Evangelicals Ignore G.O.P. by Embracing Syrian Refugees

Article in the NY Times
7 September, 2016

“But politics and faith have always had the potential to conflict in the questions about resettling Syrian refugees in the United States.

And at a time when conservative politicians, many with ties to Christian religious groups, have aggressively sought to keep the Syrian newcomers out of their states, it is conservative people of faith who, in many cases, are serving as their indispensable support system.

Here in Marietta, the English lesson began around the donated kitchen table of Anwar and Daleen, two of the 10,000 Syrian refugees who have arrived in the United States in the past year only to grapple with that political reality, one as confusing as any new language.”

Everywhere in the Global North, the reaction of the general population is most often much more welcoming than that of their politicians. The latter base their public discourse on generalisations and fantasies, the former actually meet individual migrants and families. That makes all the difference.

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