Picture showing Immigration Minister Peter Dutton speaking in the Australian House of Representatives
  The immigration minister, Peter Dutton, and his department have come under fire for their handling of two Hazara refugees’ citizenship bids. Photo credit: Mick Tsikas/AAP on The Guardian website.

Australian Immigration authorities unreasonably delayed refugees’ citizenship bids, court rules

By Christopher Knaus in The Guardian
17 décembre 2016

“The court has ruled that Peter Dutton and the immigration department unreasonably delayed the citizenship applications of two former Hazara refugees, a decision that advocates say will provide hope to thousands who have had their cases “put in the bottom drawer”.

The Refugee Council of Australia is hopeful the decision will force the immigration department to stop delaying citizenship applications by former refugees, something they say has caused “significant anxiety for the many thousands affected”.

“Today’s decision is a landmark ruling, providing hope for over 10,000 people around Australia who have been denied justice by the immigration department,” the council’s acting chief executive, Tim O’Connor, said.

“Our government has denied them basic rights to stability and, importantly, family reunion, through slow and targeted decision-making.”

The importance of judicial review and appeal rights in immigration matters cannot be overemphasized. Unchecked administrative practices can be as harmful (if not more) as laws and regulations.

To read the article in The Guardian, please click on the following link.

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