Rescued migrants disembark in Catania, Sicily from the cargo ship that rescued them in May 2015. Photo Credit: Åsa Sjöström/IRIN

EU needs to offer work visas to bring migration under control

Article in IRIN
28 juin 2017

Excellent analysis.

“Efforts to close irregular channels into the EU will work only if they are accompanied by an expansion of regular, legal channels. In practice this means EU member states putting a greater number of work visas on the table in discussions with the countries from which people are migrating and through which they are transiting…

Europe’s current policy mix in response to refugee flows imposes immense suffering on those trying to flee poverty, war and discrimination while doing little to make European citizens more secure.

The most important wrong assumption that underpins this failure is the belief that Europe’s borders can and should be closed to economic migrants. It is this conviction that has made it almost impossible for Africans and Asians to migrate legally to most European countries…

The current “closed borders” strategy has created a virtuous circle for populist anti-immigration parties : Closed borders bring more illegal immigration, which then feeds a sense of insecurity among natives and hinders the integration of those who arrive. This ultimately boosts the fortunes of those same parties that had promoted “closed borders” to begin with. It is time to break this circle, which is damaging European democracy while making many refugees and migrants suffer. Will a coalition of the willing stand up to promote a more realistic approach ?”

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