"Latvian nationalists protested against the EU deal to relocate refugees from Italy and Greece" Photo Credit: AFP

Refugees frustrated and trapped in chilly Baltic states

Article in the BBC
5 juillet 2017

Let them go freely to where they can find work, pay taxes, raise a family and settle. At the same time, direct the EU funds to those States where they settle and contribute to prosperity : such countries will win twice ! And let the States who prefer paying for not having migrants suffer the long term consequences of their lack of vision. Not taking advantage of young people ready to work hard to reinvent themselves and sustain their families is such a missed opportunity for aging societies. So much waste of talent, energy and money. Such political blindness

“”There are lots of Eritreans everywhere in Europe. They talk to one another. We all know that in Germany they give you an apartment and €400 (£350 ; $450) pocket money. But in Latvia they don’t give us anything – just €139 a month,” he told BBC Russian.

“Those are our allowances and we can’t afford to pay people more – we aren’t that kind of country,” said Ainars Latkovskis, head of the Parliamentary Commission for Internal Affairs.

“They can of course look for work. But by Latvian law you have to speak the language to get a proper job and it usually takes years to learn,” he said.”

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