Report : ‘Human Act or Devil’s Pact’

Human rights aspects of migration agreements between EU and third countries
5 juin 2017

An excellent report on the human rights dimensions of migration agreements between the EU and third countries. Many thanks to Marie-Laure.

“Through the media, we were regularly confronted with the deadly consequences of dangerous attempts by migrants to cross the Mediterranean Sea on overcrowded, often unseaworthy, boats…

Since then, the European Council has convened various meetings discussing the necessity to reduce the number of migrants and refugees coming to Europe. These discussions tend to focus more on saving human lives at sea and preventing people smuggling, and less on safeguarding human rights, such as the right to asylum and the prohibition of refoulement…

The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights and Meijers Committee are aware that managing migration is a source of great concern to citizens and governments in the EU. However, managing migration should not compromise the fundamental human rights to which the EU and the individual Member States have committed themselves. In the paper that follows, the Institute and Meijers Committee will list the human rights that may be jeopardised by the scheduled agreements. Member States and EU repeatedly emphasise that the agreements must be implemented in conformity with human rights obligations under international and European law.

This paper offers a yardstick for establishing whether the proposals and agreements about migration comply with these human rights obligations.”

To access the full report, please click here

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