The Guardian : Britain can’t wait any longer for a post-Brexit immigration policy

The number of EU workers coming to the UK is falling. The delay in publishing a white paper is damaging the economy
24 août 2018


[‘We don’t just need the “best and brightest”, we also need the fruit pickers.’ Photograph: Kelvin Murray/Getty Images]

Commentary by Francois Crépeau : « It is good to see the business community requesting long-term strategic planning on mobility and migration. »

By Adam Marshall

Anew statistics published by the ONS show another drop in the number of people coming to the UK from the EU to work, remember the government’s immigration white paper ? It was originally due to appear over a year ago – but like so many other decisions, remains a casualty of Westminster disagreement and delay. The latest promise is that it will finally be unveiled in the “autumn”, a vague date meaning any time before December, provided warring ministers can agree on its details and publication.

For businesses across the UK, who have spent over a year in the dark about immigration rules and costs they’ll face, this unconscionable delay makes it impossible to plan with confidence. We have been told to wait for the outcome of Brexit negotiations – since so many of the questions about future business conditions are tied up in the presently stalled talks with Brussels.

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