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Germany, France wants looser human rights rules to keep asylum seekers away

Article from Reuters
21 February, 2017

“Germany and France want the European Union to weaken its human rights safeguards to allow for deportation of asylum seekers before their case is considered, according to their joint proposal on curbing immigration, seen by Reuters on Tuesday.

This option would only kick in at times of a “mass influx” of people to the bloc and comes as the EU is persistently making it harder for migrants and refugees alike to get in and be allowed to stay.

While the EU says it has the right to send away all economic migrants if it chooses so, its existing laws on human rights and asylum say a third country must met certain conditions if the bloc were to send there someone who claims asylum in Europe, and have the person wait for a decision there.”

Germany and France want the “right” to clearly and utterly violate the 1950 European Convention on Human Rights, the 1951 UN Convention on Refugees and the 1984 UN Convention against torture. If the principle of it wasn’t already preposterous enough, they don’t seem to care that those rules were handed down, for good reasons, by the generation who had lived through WWII, an event with atrocities of a magnitude which far exceeds that of the present “migration crisis”.

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