Picture of a building on fire where migrants are probably located.
  Arson attacks directed at asylum seekers are common in Germany. Photo credit: EPA on BBC News' website.

Germany hate crime: Nearly 10 attacks a day on migrants in 2016

Article on BBC News
26 February, 2017

Nearly 10 attacks were made on migrants in Germany every day in 2016, the interior ministry says.

A total of 560 people were injured in the violence, including 43 children.

Three-quarters of the attacks targeted migrants outside of their accommodation, while nearly 1,000 attacks were on housing.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to open up Germany to people fleeing conflict and persecution has polarised the country and boosted hate crime.

Germany is struggling with a backlog of asylum applications and there are fears about security following a series of terrorist attacks across Europe.”

Nationalist populist politicians constantly denounce migrants as threats to national security, when in fact anti-migrant violence fueled by their toxic rhetoric is much more common and should unfortunately remind us of Nazi and fascist antisemitic violence in the Thirties,

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