Government U-turn over anti-terror law used to deport migrants

Section of Immigration Act to be reviewed after misuse of clause saw highly skilled migrants forced from UK
31 May, 2018

Commentary by Francois Crépeau: “The UK really is a laboratory for how nationalist populist anti-immigration policies can go dreadfully wrong, with colossal consequences on the lives of so many. That they are still supported by a large fraction of the electorate explains why it takes a public scandal to force the authorities to back down.”


The government has agreed to stop deporting people under an immigration rule designed to tackle terrorism and those judged to be a threat to national security pending a review, after the Guardian highlighted numerous cases in which the power was being misused.

The news came as the home secretary, Sajid Javid, admitted on Tuesday that at least 19 highly skilled migrants had been forced to leave the country under the rule.

A review of the controversial section 322(5) of the Immigration Act was announced in a letter to the home affairs select committee.
A life ‘completely destroyed’ by one paragraph of immigration law
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Javid said one person had been issued with a visa to return to the UK as a result of ongoing inquiries. He also said that all applications for leave to remain that could potentially be refused under the section have been put on hold pending the findings of the review, which is due to be completed by the end the month.


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