Man walking over a dry field, looking over his stunted crops in the Zinder region of Niger.
  Adou Issa looking over his stunted crops in the Zinder region of Niger. Photo Credit: New York Times

Heat, Hunger and War Force Africans Onto a ‘Road on Fire’

Article in the New York Times
17 December, 2016

Here is an illuminating NYT article on the increasingly dramatic impact of climate change on migration from African countries.

The world dismisses them as economic migrants. The law treats them as criminals who show up at a nation’s borders uninvited. Prayers alone protect them on the journey across the merciless Sahara.

But peel back the layers of their stories and you find a complex bundle of trouble and want that prompts the men and boys of West Africa to leave home, endure beatings and bribes, board a smuggler’s pickup truck and try to make a living far, far away.

They do it because the rains have become so fickle, the days measurably hotter, the droughts more frequent and more fierce, making it impossible to grow enough food on their land. Some go to the cities first, only to find jobs are scarce. Some come from countries ruled by dictators, like Gambia, whose longtime ruler recently refused to accept the results of an election he lost. Others come from countries crawling with jihadists, like Mali.”

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