One man had been held for more than four and a half years in Harmondsworth immigration removal centre. Photograph: Bruno Vincent/Getty Images

Home Office keeping torture victims in detention, inspectors report

Article in The Guardian
14 March, 2018

Obsession with migration security, priority given to repression, privatisation of detention, scorn for medical advice, disregard for human dignity… The report is describing the treatment of people who have not committed any crime, who have simply failed to obtain an administrative status. Yet, some aspects of migration detention would be “out of place in a prison”.  And this is the third report in a row describing such failings: when will it be considered that oversight is of no effect? The diagnostic is crushing.

The Home Office is keeping torture victims in detention at Europe’s largest immigration removal centre despite accepting clear evidence of their vulnerability, prison inspectors say…

“Detainees, many identified as vulnerable, were not being adequately safeguarded. Some were held for unacceptably long periods. Mental health needs were often not met. Detainees were subject to some disproportionate security restrictions and living conditions were below decent standards. It is time for the Home Office and contractors to think again about how to ensure that more substantial progress is made by the time we return.

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