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Home secretary ignores court order and sends asylum seeker to Kabul

Article in The Guardian
18 September, 2017

Politicians are ready to flout court orders on migration issues, because they think they have the political clout to defy the justice system. This is a direct challenge to the Rule of Law. One is reminded of this French MP from the governing party telling opposition MPS: “Vous avez juridiquement tort parce que vous êtes politiquement minoritaires” (“You are legally wrong because you are politically in the minority”). I hope tribunals will react with the appropriate severity to such challenges. Democracies will die if the Rule of Law is not systematically upheld for all.

“An asylum seeker is holed up in a hotel room in Kabul in fear for his life after the home secretary breached a high court order not to remove him from the UK and instead put him on a plane back to Afghanistan.

Samim Bigzad, 23, says he is a prime target for the Taliban because he worked in construction for the Afghan government and American companies before he sought sanctuary in the UK…

Two high court judges have made separate orders calling for Bigzad to be brought back to the UK as a matter of urgency. The second states that the home secretary, Amber Rudd, is in contempt of court for breaching the first order not to remove Bigzad…

Bigzad’s solicitor, Jamie Bell, of Duncan Lewis solicitors, said: “We were deeply shocked that the Home Office had manifestly breached the first order and requested immediate confirmation that they would be returning him back.”

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