Hungarian government wants to harden its immigration policy with plan to detain all asylum-seekers

ECRE Weekly Bulletin
17 February, 2017

“The Hungarian government submitted a new bill to the parliament on February 14 to be voted on during the spring session. If passed, it will increase the use of collective push-backs and introduce automatic detention of asylum seekers.


Further, under the bill the asylum procedure will take place in designated transit zones, which asylum seekers are prohibited to leave. All asylum seekers staying at open reception facilities at the time the bill enters into force will be transferred to these zones. This is an extension of the use systematic detention, an established practice as demonstrated by the latest AIDA report on Hungary.”

As is manifest below, Europe – both the EU institutions and EU member States – is sliding rapidly towards a much more robust undocumented migration deterrence and repression policy, including against asylum seekers, increasing detention capacity and implementing systematic detention policies (HU and IT), developing quick return mechanisms (HU and IT), reducing access to justice for migrants (IT) and reinstating border controls at internal EU borders (FR), as well as returning to the argument that helping undocumented migrants in distress (here – appallingly – children) creates a “pull factor” (UK), an argument that we had thought delegitimised after the Mare Nostrum summer.

To read the full article in the ECRE Weekly Bulletin, please click on the following link.

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