Photo Credit: Bryan Denton for The New York Times

Immigration’s Border-Enforcement Myth

Article in the New York Times
29 January, 2018

“It is a conceit of the sovereign power to think that it can have only legal immigration”. Migration results from push and pull factors. Inserting a barrier between them, without addressing any of them, can only result in creating an uncontrollable underground market, where exploitation and human rights violations are rife. This has been the experience of the Prohibition era and of the “war on drugs”.

As long as people in countries of origin will need to find survival strategies abroad, and as long as countries of destination will tolerate that millions of employers exploit cheap labour in the form of undocumented migrants or temporary migrant workers with very precarious status, repression of undocumented migrants will only disempower migrants and subsidise smuggling rings, unethical recruiters and exploitative employers.

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