The research found that Rolls-Royce’s senior management is one of the least diverse in the FTSE 100. Photo Credit: Paul Ellis/Reuters

Lack of diversity in UK’s top firms could hamper post-Brexit trade deals

Article in The Guardian
17 August, 2017

Diversity will be – and often is already – heralded as a key feature of contemporary societies, alongside mobility. Younger urban generations will be much better prepared to take them in stride than my generation was.

“The warning comes as a report shows the number of FTSE 100 businesses with no ethnic minority representation at senior level has fallen from 62 to 58. However, none of the companies have CEOs or chief financial officers who are women from ethnic minority groups….

“In light of the UK’s desire to increase trade with non-EU countries, the ongoing inability of our leading companies to attract and retain leaders from east Asian and African backgrounds should be a matter for serious concern,” he said.

“The UK’s aspiration to be outward looking and open to business with the non-European world is hardly enhanced by the continued lack of challenge in the boards of our leading companies, still statistically and behaviourally dominated by men of similar cultural and educational backgrounds.”

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