Man Faces Deportation After Failing to Pay Fare on Minneapolis Light Rail

Article in The New York Times
31 May, 2017

Lack of effective firewalls between public services and immigration enforcement (despite a firewall being on the books in this instance) creates an atmosphere of impunity and encourages deviant behaviour on the part of some public officials, resulting in tragic consequences for individuals and families.

“A man who was arrested and charged with failing to pay his fare on a Minnesota light rail train is facing deportation after undergoing what the authorities described as inappropriate questioning about his immigration status by a transit police officer…

“Are you here illegally?” the officer asks.

A bystander who appears to be the person filming the interaction asks whether he or other transit police officers are authorized to act as immigration authorities.

The officer shrugs, and replies, “No, not necessarily…”

ICE said it is routinely notified when a foreign national is booked into a county jail.”

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