Multilevel inter-regional governance of mobility between Africa and Europe: Towards a deeper and broader externalisation

Working Paper by Lorenzo Gabrielli from the GRITIM
1 January, 2017

“The most evident result of the Euro-African framework of migration management is a repeated displacement of the border between EU and Africa vis-à-vis of migratory flows every time more to the South, as well as the creation of a series of buffer zones in the African continent… In terms of flows, the emerging inter-regional governance of migration in the Euro-African space has mainly displaced the migratory paths back and forth following the negotiation and the implementation of the cooperation…, more than curbing the arrivals of people to Europe.”

Global migration governance can be geared towards increasing mobility for more people, or it can lead to forms of mobility restricted to a select number of persons and inaccessible to the vast majority. It is a political choice, for which, as citizens, we shall ultimately be responsible. Food for thought in the New Year.

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