A picture of a boy riding his bicycle with a few people walking behind him.
  A boy rides his bicycle in the Calais migrant camp. Photo Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

New fears for 1,000 lone children in Calais refugee camp

Article in The Guardian
24 September, 2016

“In May, David Cameron announced that Britain would accept as many as 3,000 unaccompanied minors. James Brokenshire, immigration minister at the time, said Britain had “a moral duty to help”.  

However, Home Office figures reveal that by mid-September, only 30 children had arrived under the scheme. The Home Office did not respond to queries over whether it intended to help lone child refugees once the Calais camp was destroyed.

On Monday President François Hollande is expected to visit Calais and confirm that the refugee camp will be demolished. Details emerged last week when refugee organisations were told that alternative accommodation elsewhere in France would be supplied for 9,000 adults and families.

However, because of a supposed lack of emergency capacity for unaccompanied minors, at least 850 children will be made homeless.”

The UK government being so reluctant to help children reunite with family in the UK and the French government using the misery of hundreds of children to force the hand of another government are disgraceful political behaviour. Housing isolated children and reuniting them with family members should be a priority of the first order for any politician concerned. And it should be done quickly.

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