Picture showing the archibishop hugging the co-founder of the Quebec Islamic Cultural Center, Boufedia Banabdallah
  Cardinal Gérald Cyprien Lacroix, middle left, archbishop of Quebec, embracing Boufeldja Banabdallah, co-founder of the Quebec Islamic Cultural Center, at a special Mass this week following the Sunday shooting. Photo Credit: Ian Willms for The New York Times on the New York Times' website.

Quebec’s Response to Hate: More Tolerance

Article in The New York Times
1 February, 2017


“The response of Quebec’s premier, Philippe Couillard, is worth noting. “Every society has to deal with demons,” he said. “Our society is not perfect. None is. These demons are named xenophobia, racism, exclusion. They are present here. We need to recognize that and act together to show the direction we want our society to evolve.”

That was what Canadians sought to do. Thousands gathered at memorial services across the country, including Mr. Trudeau on Monday. Speaking earlier to Parliament, he addressed the more than one million Muslim Canadians: “Thirty-six million hearts are breaking with yours,” he said, referring to the population of Canada. “Know that we value you.””

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