Photo a young refugee mother smiling and holding a child in her arms
  Refugees arrive on the Scottish Isle of Bute. The Home Office has announced a policy that refugees applying to settle permanently in Britain face a ‘safe return review’ after five years. Photo Credit : Christopher Furlong/Getty Images on the Guardian's website

Refugees applying to live in UK face being sent home after five years

Article in The Guardian
11 March, 2017

“Tens of thousands of refugees who apply to live permanently in Britain are to be required to undergo an official review to see if it is safe for them to be sent back home, under new Home Office instructions.

The new policy of reviewing whether all refugees still require protection five years after they first obtained asylum in Britain was quietly slipped out on Thursday and it is believed to take immediate effect.

The new instructions were foreshadowed by Theresa May in her notorious “chilling and bitter” 2015 Conservative party conference speech when, as home secretary, she made clear that in future those who secured refugee status in Britain were only being given temporary protection.”

Another terrible decision by British authorities, who have manifestly no clue as to what “social integration” means. How can anyone integrate when a sword of Damocles is hanging over your head, threatening you with another cruel uprooting? This will result in an unmanageable number of forcible return procedures, thousands of legal court cases, increased fueling of xenophobia, and an even more fractured society. Why would any government inflict upon its society such long term negative consequences, in exchange of a short term electoral advantage? The short-sightedness of such a policy is staggering.

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