New York police officers on Saturday watched people protest against the immigration policies of President Trump. Photo Credit Spencer Platt/Getty Images on the NY Times website

Sanctuary Cities in Name Only

Article in The New York Times
15 February, 2017

“President Trump’s plan to deport millions of people appears to be underway. Last week, federal immigration officials arrested more than 600 people at their homes and workplaces in at least 11 states, sending terror through immigrant communities.

The abruptness of the raids provoked criticism from local officials, including Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York, who vowed to “stand with” immigrant communities. But mass deportation under President Trump will also happen through a more routine policy that is in the mayor’s control: endless, unnecessary arrests for low-level offenses, which end up feeding immigrants into the federal government’s deportation machine.

It’s not enough for cities like New York to declare themselves “sanctuaries,” which simply means that the local police won’t detain noncitizens on the federal government’s behalf. If cities really want to protect immigrants, they must also end the quota-driven style of policing that makes immigrants the victims of unnecessary arrests and disproportionate punishment.”

“Firewalls” are key to creating trust that denouncing exploitation and violence will not result in deportation. Ending the practical impunity of exploiters of migrant labour should be a central objective of law enforcement, a more important one than rounding up hard-working migrants in view of their deportation.

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