'The border checks introduced by the government last year show that 97% of international students leave once their studies are completed.’ Photo credit: Steve Parsons/PA

The immigration stats blunder shows how far perception is from the truth

Article in The Guardian
25 August, 2017

False perceptions, prejudice, fears and fantasies drive the media-driven toxic migration political debate in many countries.

“It turns out that net migration – the number of people coming in and out of the UK – may be much lower than previously thought…

it’s becoming increasingly clear that the national panic over immigration is more akin to a tabloid-driven, collective fever dream than anything grounded in concrete reality. Research has found that attitudes are most negative among people in areas with very low immigration. British nationals in places with a relatively large migrant population are far less likely to see immigration as a problem. Younger people are also far more likely to view immigration positively. Perhaps because when you live, work or study alongside people from other countries, you realise that’s all they are: people”

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