‘We have a heightened responsibility towards Libya because of the role Britain played in bringing down the Gaddafi dictatorship.’ Photograph Credit: Dave Williams/Sound Ltd on the Guardian's website

The migrant slave trade is booming in Libya. Why is the world ignoring it?

Article in The Guardian
21 February, 2017

It’s a mass grave that we don’t need the United Nations to verify. Every day an average of 14 migrants, the vast majority from countries in sub-Saharan Africa, die crossing the Mediterranean.

Many more see their European dream turn into a nightmare long before they’re corralled on to flimsy rubber dinghies on Libya’s beaches. They’re the victims of a silent massacre in the Sahara desert – a journey more deadly than the crossing from the coast, according to the International Organisation for Migration.”

In view of such reports, the EU policy of cooperation with Libyan present-day fractious authorities, in order to keep migrants on Libyan territory either through reinforced border management or in detention, would appear criminal.

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