Picture showing Trump speaking with two of his advisors
  President Trump speaking at the Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday. Photo Credit Doug Mills/The New York Times on The New York Times' website

The Real Cost of Mr. Trump’s Wall

Article in The New York Times
26 January, 2017

A call for maintaining firewalls between local police and immigration enforcement.

“President Trump on Wednesday unveiled the first proposals to make good on his promise to make America impenetrable to unauthorized immigrants and intolerable for those who are already here.

As expected, he promised to begin building a wall along the Mexican border, an enterprise that is far from certain because Congress would have to approve billions of dollars in funding. He also outlined a series of ominous regulatory changes aimed at drastically expanding the detention of immigrants who enter without permission. He is also seeking to turn more local police and corrections officials into enforcers of immigration law, while threatening to withhold funding from jurisdictions that have sensibly refused to assume that role.


While Mr. Trump has the authority to order the detention of all immigrants apprehended while entering without permission and end the practice of releasing them pending court dates — which the executive order appears to call for — Congress should withhold the funding needed to carry out this plan. Leaders in so-called sanctuary cities, like New York and Los Angeles, have rightly recognized that immigrants, including those here without permission, are more of an asset than a burden. Their defiance is likely now to be tested by renewed calls to turn local police officers into immigration enforcers. The courage of local leaders may help stymie Mr. Trump’s misguided approach.”

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