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The sustainable management of diversity

Blog post by François Crépeau
1 July, 2015

Not investing in migrant integration doesn’t bode well for the future. The sustainable management of diversity requires strong political leadership (diversity must be made part of the founding features of our societies, on a number of indicators: age groups, social classes, generations, religions, sexual orientations, family models, lifestyles, social media communities, epistemic communities, to name only a few), fact-based and efficient policies (anti-racism, hate speech prosecution, anti-discrimination, reasonable accommodation in the labour market, development of school curriculum…) and active, informed and well-trained institutions (courts, administrative tribunals, national human rights institutions, ombudspersons, complaint mechanisms, lawyers, social workers, labour inspectors…). Without such strong and coherent public discourse, policies and institutions, fractious nationalist populist politicians will wreak havoc, advocating for simplistic “solutions” based on myths, fantasies, stereotypes and threats that will go unchallenged. For their lack of leadership on the mobility and diversity issue, mainstream political parties are presently failing the populations they represent, as well as endangering the democratic institutions that these populations have been so painstakingly built over the past decades.

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