Farm workers pick tomatoes in southern Italy. The country’s tomato industry is worth an estimated €3.2bn (£2.85bn). Photo Credit: Tony Gentile/Reuters

The terrible truth about your tin of Italian tomatoes

Article in The Guardian
27 October, 2017

What else is new? This has been documented for years and it is not like we do not know. It is still good that it is in the news. Making the top players responsible for what is happening along the value chain and obliging such companies to provide regular audit reports on labour conditions along the value chain are effective measures which have been recommended for years. It has been done in the garment industry to prevent child labour, and there is no reason it cannot be replicated here. No reason except political will to push back against huge private economic interests

“Two of Italy’s biggest food companies have been implicated in labour abuses of migrant workers picking tomatoes bought by thousands of British and European consumers every week, according to court documents.

Italian prosecutor Paola Guglielmi has named food giants Mutti and Conserve Italia as benefiting from “conditions of absolute exploitation” in the country’s hugely lucrative tomato industry, as part of an investigation into the death of a seasonal labourer.”

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