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The Urgency of Refugee Education

Article in Project Syndicate
28 September, 2017

Important message from Filippo Grandi, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

“Of the 17.2 million refugees that the UN Refugee Agency seeks to protect, roughly half are school-age children. But while conflict and violence is robbing them of their childhoods, many are also being denied a future, largely as a result of the international community’s unfulfilled commitments to funding education for the displaced…

The case for refugee education is clear. Childhood should be spent learning how to read, write, count, inquire, assess, debate, calculate, empathize, and set goals. These skills are especially important for those who will be called upon to rebuild their countries when they return home. Moreover, education provides refugee children a safe space amid the tumult of displacement. And education can even help ensure the peaceful and sustainable development of the communities that have opened their doors to displaced families.”

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