A wall along the border between Turkey and Syria is pictured near the southeastern town of Deliosman in Kilis province, Turkey, August 29, 2016. Photo Credit : REUTERS/Umit Bektas/File Photo

Turkey to complete Syria border wall within 5 months, official says

By Reuters
15 October, 2016

A concrete wall being built to stop illegal crossings along the length of Turkey’s 900-km (560-mile) border with Syria will be finished by the end of February, an official at a Turkish state institution with knowledge of the project said on Wednesday.

Ankara has long been under pressure from its NATO allies to seal off the border with Islamic State-controlled territory in Syria and is also concerned by the presence of the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia, which controls most of its Syrian border.

Construction on a border wall to combat smuggling and illegal migration started as early as 2014 even as Turkey maintained an open-border policy that has seen nearly 3 million Syrians seek refuge in the country.”

The entanglement of State interests is fascinating. The article is all about the completion of a construction project and it is presented as a rather unremarkable one at that. Nothing about the fate of the people it is meant to trap inside a country at war. No mention of the moral, political and legal duty to protect refugees from persecution by an organisation described as terrorist. The responsibility of the media in uncritically conveying government narratives is at stake.

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