Picture shows a group of migrants sitting outside in a detention center in Tripoli
  People in a detention center in Tripoli. Photo Credit: Ismail Zitouny/Reuters on The Guardian's website

UK-funded camps in Libya ‘indefinitely detaining asylum seekers’

Article in The Guardian
10 March, 2017

“British-funded refugee camps in Libya are implementing the indiscriminate and indefinite detention of asylum seekers in the conflict-riven country, the UK government’s official aid watchdog has warned.

In a report published on Friday, the UK’s Independent Commission for Aid Impact expresses concern that UK aid to Libya risks causing unintended harm to migrants and could prevent them from reaching a place of safety. It also criticises ministers for apparently decided on the funding plan without studying the human rights implications in a country struggling to contain its long-running civil war.

The UK is spending roughly £10m this year in Libya to stem the flow of migrants from north Africa to Europe, including cash for the Libyan coastguard and to improve the appalling conditions in the camps where many people are now ending up.”

This is the European strategy to reduce migration pressure for the coming years. It’s good however to see a government watchdog advocate for ex ante and ex post human rights impact assessments of immigration assistance programmes abroad.

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