Dr. Luke Smith delivering medication to a woman in the country illegally in Greensboro, N.C. Photo Credit Michael Kirby Smith for The New York Times

Unauthorized Immigrants Steer Clear of Medical Care

Article in The New York Times
27 June, 2017

Again, on the need for firewalls between public services and immigration enforcement.

“Shaken by the Trump administration’s broad deportation orders, they and many others like them are retreating into the shadows, forgoing screenings, medications and other essential medical care…

Experts say the toll for avoiding the health care system is far-reaching. Poorer Latinos, in particular, suffer from high rates of obesity, diabetes, liver disease and high blood pressure. “Patients who are already sick will have a much harder time getting better,” Dr. Page said. Those who don’t get care for infectious diseases, she said, “are much more likely to transmit infections to others.”

Yet as medical costs present a burden for millions of Americans, many people question why citizens who can scarcely afford their own health care should support through taxes the care of those living here illegally.

One provider surveyed in the Migrant Clinicians Network poll wrote: “There has been a fair amount of animosity towards me for helping the workers. Locals think that the workers are receiving grand benefits.”

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