In an email she received from Magnus Services, the temp agency, Sara Mojtehedzadeh was told to pick up her cash somewhere called “GTA Employment,” an address on Steeles Ave. W. It turned out to be a payday lender called Cashmania. Photo Credit: Randy Risling

Undercover in Temp Nation

Article in the Toronto Star
13 September, 2017

A very interesting in-depth undercover reporting on the shady world of temporary employment agencies in Canada, where many migrants find jobs.

Temp agency employees are some of the most “vulnerable and precariously employed of all workers,” a 420-page report recently compiled by two independent experts for the Ontario government says.

Temps can be terminated at a moment’s notice, the report notes. Companies who use them are liable along with their temp agency for unpaid wages, including overtime and vacation pay, but not for most other workplace rights. Temps are often paid less than permanent counterparts doing the same job, and sometimes work for long periods of time in supposedly “temporary” positions. Agencies are not required to disclose the markups they charge on workers’ wages. New provincial legislation, which goes to second reading this month, seeks to tackle some of those issues.

Research conducted for the Toronto-based Institute for Work and Health also suggests that companies contract out risky work to temps. When a temp gets hurt, the company is not fully responsible because the temp agency assumes liability at the worker’s compensation board — saving their clients money on insurance premiums. This is a crucial financial incentive to use them.”

To access the full report, please click here

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