A few people go through a pile of demolished materials, which are their houses.
  Displaced people go through their demolished homes in Badia East, Lagos, Nigeria. Photo Credit: Andrew Maki on IDMC website.

What does development-based displacement look like in Africa?

Blog post by Dr. Romola Adeola
8 December, 2016

Please see this very interesting new blog post by our Steinberg postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Romola Adeola, about development-based displacement in Africa.

“While internal displacement caused by conflict and disasters in Africa has been reported fairly constantly in the international media, development-based internal displacement in the continent is yet to gain such prominence. Guest blogger Dr Romola Adeola explores the prevalence of this root cause of internal displacement in Africa and why it has largely gone unnoticed in discussions on humanitarian protection by regional and international agencies.”

To read her full blog post, please click on the following link.

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